Monday, June 6, 2016

My daughter, the Doctor.

 I am in Boston now, taking one more day of vacation.

Yesterday, my older daughter was awarded, after a lifetime of study, her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

You can, if you ever meet her, call her Dr. Sarah.

It’s been a long road, both for Sarah and for my wife and I. Of course, there was the crushing expense of literally 25 years of tuition. But more arduous was the time and effort and emotional pains and throes we all went through together.

Accomplishment, whether it’s a Doctorate or a new ad campaign, or, even, writing a dopey blog post virtually every day for nine years, is never easy. It involves keeping your head down and your nose to the grindstone. It involves keeping at it when it would be easier to quit. It involves all those self-helpy maxims like perseverance, dedication and more.

No real point here today.

Other than to herald my daughter.

And to say I’m eager for tomorrow.

When I get back to work.

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