Friday, February 10, 2017

Trump, Woolworths, Fox and us.

It's been five days since the Super Bowl, and I have to admit, I'm a little disgusted with a lot of my friends.

All of us on Facebook are apt to slam Trump, slam DeVos, slam Sessions. We'll March on Washington and hold signs in front of airports.

And then comes the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl on Fox.

You know, Fascist Fox.

Fascist Trump propagating, anti-woman, racist, climate-denying Fox.

And you can't bring yourself to boycott Fox.

I think about segregated lunch-counters and bus-terminals in the Jim Crow south 60 years ago.

Are you supporting the cause, or are you still buying your grilled cheese sandwich at Woolworth's because it's convenient.

Are you shopping at stores that don't allow black people? Are you staying at segregated hotels? And drinking from white only fountains?

Because if you're watching Fox, if you're supporting their advertisers, you're supporting the Trump regime. It's that simple.

Your dollars--your viewership eyeballs as dollars--are supporting the Trump cause.

It's that simple.

And your pink hat won't change fuck all. Because, like I said, you're still buying your grilled cheese at Woolworths.

The only thing that hurts them is money. Withhold your money and they will die.

P.S. I'm sorry if this is angry. But I am angry. It's great to register anger and displeasure with the Trump regime and the republican hegemony. But real push-back will come when we starve their beast. And their beast is fed by Fox.

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