Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Edvard Munch, where are you?

I am more and more convinced that some vast portion of the marketing messages that assault us daily are written in some weird Potemkin village founded on meaninglessness.

In other words, we see pictures in these ads of creatures that look like humans, but who aren't human. They have inhuman smiles, work in inhumanly perfectly diverse groups, they have inhumanly inhuman outfits and are all inhumanly in-shape.

Also, and perhaps worse, is the inhuman way these ads are written.

I've just been besieged by this inhuman ad on my Facebook feed from Microsoft.

What does any of this mean? Can anyone explain what 'power innovation' means? Can anyone give me an example of a 'winning business culture'? Or, please, help me make sense of 'innovation is a team sport.' Does that mean I'll sweat and need a helmet?

The simple fact is, I can make no sense out of anything shown above. 

And I certainly don't want my 'ideation pipeline' widened, it's plenty wide enough, thank you very much.

None of this is English.

None of this is making any sense or any bit of difference.

It's marketing jargon that gets further jargonized each time it moves up another rung of the ladder.

In other word, Bullshit is the Lingua Franca of the day. No one understands what any of it means, but it sounds like everything else so it must be ok.

And on a lighter, more vomitous note:

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