Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Nobody Asked Me, But....(Longest day of the year edition.)

Nobody asked me but is my periodic tribute to Jimmy Cannon, a great sportswriter for various New York newspapers--when New York had half a dozen or more papers competing for readership. When Cannon was blocked and had nothing to write about, he'd scribble one of these.

Nobody asked me but....

...if someone set up a hammock outside my office building, I'd take a nap.

...and I'd probably wake up more productive.

...I can't help but think marketers spend 11-cents getting the last dime out of their customers.

...I'd rather have a black and white soft-serve cone than just about anything.

....I can't think of anyone less well-suited to enjoy Cannes than me.

...of course, I've always been an iconoclast.

...misanthropy is something I've acquired as I've aged.

...and I'm proud of that.

...and I've earned it.

...if you want to see how dumbed down our world's become, watch an early '60s game-show, like "College Bowl" on YouTube.

...Those Facebook "placards" with quotations on a brightly-colored background make me admire Charles Whitman.

...Chances are, you'll have to look that last one up.

....There should be no such thing as a Kindergarten graduation.

...The longer the day of the year, the shorter women's dresses.

...I've never learned anything from a top-ten list.

...Most lists, including (or especially this one) are dumb

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