Friday, April 13, 2018

A bit more on Milton Glaser. Again.

Yesterday I wrote about a new book containing 427 posters designed by Milton Glaser. You can buy the book here. 

Included among those 427 posters is a special section of 100 other posters. (Including one I commissioned when I worked on American Express at a small downtown agency.)

Glaser segregates these 100 as "less successful works that I find not completely satisfying." There are eight "not completely satisfying" examples below.

Two things I like about this.

One, it's good to be honest with yourself. And it's good to judge your own work harshly. It's humble to show work that came up short. 

It shows you're human. Remember humans?

Two, I think showing "not completely satisfying" work is a lesson. Students of the design game can compare, can begin, with diligence to discern the discrepancy between the successful and the less successful. In other words, looking at this section helps a viewer learn to see.

And learning to see is what our business, and life, are really all about.

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