Friday, July 22, 2011

Going both ways.

Not too long ago I was employed as the head of the creative departments at two fairly sizable agencies. My days then were basically filled with a 30-minute meeting every 30 minutes: HR stuff, financial numbers, finding talent, and new business.

I was good at this kind of thing. My days went by in a busy blur. And I like to think I improved the places at which I worked and helped the careers of some of the people who worked for me.

Today, once again, I am a copywriter. Completely hands on. With no task too small or unimportant. On the shoot I've been on for the last week, it's my spots that are being produced. They're not sullied by supervision or too sullied by the vicissitudes of client mishigoss.

I think this might be the key to longevity. Work big. Work small. Work.


Anonymous said...

Just be wary if they start thinking you're too old. We work in an industry that values youth and cheap. Sad but true.

george tannenbaum said...

I know, anon.
The only thing you can do is out-perform everyone.

Anonymous said...

In a meritocracy, yes. In the new digital landscape, be prepared for an Act 3 ( inst that when Checkov said the gun had to go off). I'd like to think that it's performance based but my experience at holding companies and indecent agencies says otherwise. All the best in your journey.

Rich Siegel said...

The good news is the bar is so low, I've outperformed most of these kids by 9:45 AM.

Anonymous said...

We'll see if you're in the game in 5 to 7 glasowdick.

value is in the eye of the employer