Tuesday, December 17, 2013

5 things I won't do in 2014. And 5 things I will.

1.  I will never, never click on any article whose title starts with a number. Such articles are all a waste of time.
2.  I will not watch an advertising-related video that is over 1-minute long. Such videos are all a waste of time.
3.  I will not view any agency self-promotion videos. Such videos are all a waste of time.
4.  I will not view any personal self-promotion materials. Show me your work instead.
5.  I won't come into work when I don't feel well. They will survive without me.

1.  I will continue to believe that good copy can solve most communications problems.
2.  I will say "no," to agency people and clients more often. It's good for all involved.
3.  I will try to get briefs down to one sentence, not just one page.
4.  I will attempt to keep an open mind about "social media strategists," but I'm not optimistic.
5.  I will try to take an hour at lunch, to eat at leisure, take a walk, or god-forbid, read a book.

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