Friday, December 6, 2013

Grow up.

The level of asinine has reached a new low, or a new high, in the advertising industry.

This comes from an agency in Poland called 8K and was reported in Adweek. 8k is letting clients "pay what they want" for the agency's services, which include "logos, letterheads, business cards, slogans, naming and sales letters." You can read the article here.

So far the agency has completed 23 assignments and received an average payment of $74. Just a little more than I made as a paperboy in 1969.

The article concludes with this bit of cockeyed logic: "Luckily for 8K, the publicity is worth a whole lot more."

I gagged at that line.

8K have publicized that they're cheap.

Cheap and desperate.

It makes me sad to see this misguided stunt.

At the very least, if 8K wants to give their work away--at least get equity in the company's they are doing nearly-free work for.

This is just pathetic.

Grow up.

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