Monday, November 9, 2015

5 Minutes with Our CCO.

AD AGED: So you’re a CCO, a Chief Creative Officer?

CCO: No. That’s what CCO used to stand for. The Agency model is dramatically different today.
My title supersedes Chief Creative Officer.

AD AGED: I think I understand what you just said. Be that as it may, what today does CCO stand   for?

CCO: CCO? Chief Confusion Officer.

AD AGED: What does your job as Chief Confusion Officer do?

CCO: I speak.

AD AGED: You speak.

CCO:  in half and lemongrass. Vietnam. Cincinnati. Spot buy. Fractional.


CCO: Fish and bananas and the electrical grid.

AD AGED: Wait, I’m confused.

CCO: Exactly. I speak in cryptic and partial sentences that engender the exigencies of  modal
parameters. In other words, Lesotho arm chair. See what I did there? I sew confusion. Ergo, my title.

AD AGED: Again, I’m confused.

CCO: That’s ok. Just re-do everything for tomorrow morning . Oh, one more thing.

AD AGED:  Yes?

CCO: Umbrella porcupine drain-pipe.

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