Thursday, November 5, 2015


I've been jammed of late.

Too busy by half.

Mostly with things I wish other people had the wherewithal to handle.

No such luck.

So, Ad Aged has suffered.

Today's post has no topic, really.

The topic is that I'm using my phone as a wifi connection and writing the thing in a cab.

I'm not getting the time or the space to properly think.

Amid all the chronic crises at work, I've finally plotted out something I think might work as a novel

Or knowing my attention span and proclivities, at least a novella.

You know.

Something completely unsaleable.

My Mexican Baseball League stories into a high-falutin' bildungsroman.

That's pretty deep-dish for an ad blog.

And maybe I'll never get past page 11 before I have some goddamned banner ads to write.

Or some waste of a meeting to attend.

In any event, apologies for this.

What I call stream of cabsciousness

It's all I could get to today,

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