Tuesday, December 15, 2015

"I have an idea. Let's do something ridiculous."

I saw another one of those videos.

You know, the ones where a major brand does something absolutely asinine in the hopes that the video will go viral.

This one had a bunch of women crocheting bowl covers that resemble Christmas sweaters for Chex Mix.

It was ugly. Stupid. Poorly produced. And, oh yeah, pointless.

No, that’s not right.

It did have a point. The Chex Mix people make so much money that they can blow a few thousand subjecting us to this. And Chex Mix’s agency, is so desperate for that money, that they’ll produce crap to get it.

By the way, since it went live three weeks ago, the Chex Mix crochet video has received 5,060 views.

It saddens me that the advertising industry has been so “stunted.”

Where the OIFA (one idea fits all) can be boiled down to “do something ridiculous.”

Do something ridiculous does not, I’m pretty sure, do anything for your brand or your sales.

It just says you’re out of ideas.

That you believe the consumer is an idiot.

And that you have no self-respect.

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