Monday, December 7, 2015

Nobody asked me, but....

Nobody asked me, but…is a tribute to the great New York sportswriter, Jimmy Cannon. When he had no topic to write about, he'd write one of these. About everything but sports.

….I’ve gone yet another weekend without seeing an ad, tweet, social tile or sponsored post.

….Until I feel like I’m missing something by missing ads, this will likely continue to be the case.

….I think this is an indictment of the advertising industry. Which has forgotten the need to be thoughtful, intelligent and persuasive.

….in fact, the only ads I do hear are on my so-called public broadcasting channels. They continue to trumpet their constant need for my money and their constant need to promote the foundations that have already donated to them.

….I think less of the people who post “famous quotations” on their Facebook or LinkedIn feeds. I think the quotes are usually false and almost always out-of-context.

….I think I agree. Remove Woodrow Wilson’s name from Princeton’s School of International Affairs.

….I think then you also have to change the names of half the buildings in the nation. They were usually financed by cotton, sugar, rum or slave magnates.

….Including Brown University. Which was started and sustained
by slave-trade money.

….And get rid of all the Civil War memorials below the Mason-Dixon line.

….The holidays can’t get here soon enough.

….Actually there must be a theorem somewhere that says, ‘the closer you get to the holidays, the longer it takes to get there.’

….Same for my end of year vacation.

….When I was a kid, there were still organ-grinders on the streets. That fact makes me feel older than even my chronological age.

….I believe we should re-institute the mandatory military draft. If our kids had to go fight, it would do more to keep us out of unnecessary wars than all the hot-air in Congress.

….When people say, ‘the hate big government,’ I think they are using linguistic code for hating something or someone else.

….There are now so many people with guns, I actually think about getting one to protect my family.

….Does anyone wear galoshes anymore?

….I miss “Chock Full o’Nuts” coffee shops. They were a great place to do your homework and if I remember correctly, a cup of coffee and a donut cost 75-cents.

….Ted Cruz is the one to be scared of. Ruthless ambition is never good.

….Or as Frank Bruni said in “The Times,” ‘why do people take an instant dislike to Ted Cruz? It just saves time.’

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