Thursday, January 21, 2016

A day in the life.

We need it now. We need it yesterday. We need it the day before yesterday. We need it fast. We need it in an hour. We need it or we lose the client. The client is screaming. The client needs it. The client is coming down on our ass. They're ok with work in progress. They need it now. We have to. We must. We need it NOW. NOW. Not later. Not in an hour. Not tomorrow. This is an emergency. This is red hot. This is a panic. This comes from the top. This is a mandate. This is do or die. This is late night and weekends. This is drop everything. This isn't a fire drill. This is real. This is the most important brief in the agency. This has to happen or else. This has to happen now. Or else. Or else. Or else. Don’t you understand. If this doesn’t happen, we’re dead in the water. We need to make this happen. We need to make this happen en oh doubleyou. Stop what you’re doing. Drop everything. Hop to it. Stop. Drop. Hop. This is now. We need it now. We need it fifteen minutes ago.

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