Thursday, October 27, 2016

Five Minutes with our CIO.

 Ad Aged: Thanks for spending time with me today. So I assume CIO stands for Chief Information Officer.

CIO: How quaint. That’s what CIO used to stand for.Today, it stands for Chief Inhuman Officer.

Ad Aged: So what is it that you do?

CIO: I plan to conceptualize the exigencies of Agency of tomorrow and the modalities of the agency model in the changing media pixelscape. I think about how we will thrive in the post-idea, post-concept, post-creative, post-comprehensible world, post-profitable world.

Ad Aged: Interesting. Tell me what you’re working on now.

CIO: We have worked to advance the notion of the “hot desk” across our network. Personal, assigned space limits communication and builds borders and boundaries between people who should be engaging in a collaborative interface construct.

Ad Aged: No one in your agency then has an assigned work area?

CIO: We’re pushing the breakdown of individual space. We see HTAs as completely interchangeable.

Ad Aged: HTA?

CIO: Humanoid Typing Apparatus. What we formerly called “creatives.”

We’ve found that treating our employees as HTAs eliminates the need for personal space, pay raises, bonuses, time off, even human interaction and compliments.

Ad Aged: Well, thank you for your time today.

CIO:  No need to thank me. As I've said so often, 
manners are so 20th Century.

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