Monday, October 10, 2016

In which I reveal my political point of view.

The pussy-grabbing events of this weekend are so mind-numbingly dreadful that it's hard for me to once again not stare into the mixed-metaphor abyss of the Black Dog.

But as Consolidated Edison used to say when I was knee-high to the latest apocalypse, "Dig We Must."
Like so many Blue State Americans, I am absolutely disgusted. Even more disgusted than I was when Sarah Palin was near the top of the Republican ticket. Even more disgusted than I was when Paul Ryan proffered his "eat the poor" agenda.

This man is worse than loathsome.

He brings out the worst in us.

If we are, as humans, meant to be enlightened by the better angels of our nature (Lincoln's words, not mine) Trump invites the opposite.

Those better angels were four:

1) Empathy
2) Self-control
3) Moral sense
4) Reason

Or in the words of Joseph Welch to a Trump spirit-twin, Joseph McCarthy, "Sir, have you no sense of decency?"

I'm sorry.

This is not a normal assault on America.

And the response cannot be that Trump is just another candidate.

I am disappointed at our industry and at our clients for not using our enormous power to influence to highlight and combat this clear and present danger.

Trump might only be a tinpot version of Hitler. 

But he is a version.

And he must be stopped.

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