Friday, August 4, 2017

Modern Times.

It happened just the other day.

And to tell you the truth I was hoping no one would notice.

I had bought online a new pair of pants. Khakis, in fact.

I know creatives aren't supposed to wear khakis. They're an emblem, I suppose, of suburbia and preppy middle-class convention.

But shit.

It was as hot as fuck out. Pigeons were melting where they pecked. And khakis, non-conformity be damned, are lighter weight than jeans.

So I put on my online khakis.

And that's when I did it. 

I rolled them up a turn. Then two turns. 

That's right, I had cuffed my pants like the cool kids do. 

I forget who noticed. 

But someone said, 'look at George with the rolled up pants.'

I went as red as a Soviet flag.

"Just trying to keep up with the kids," I sotto voce'd. 

"What's next, George? A wool cap?"

I turned back to my computer and pecked away at some copy that needed writing.

"No," I answered without turning from my keyboard. "That would be ridiculous."

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