Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Nobody asked me but....

"Nobody asked me but..." is my periodic tribute to the great New York sportswriter Jimmy Cannon--a legend in his time. When he had nothing to write about, he'd assemble one of these then call it a day.

Nobody asked me but....

...if you want media people to show up, have pizza.

...I still think Trump will be gone by Halloween.

...He will go out with a whimper, not a bang.

...Speaking of bangs and whimpers, we would all do well to read a little Robert Frost now and again.

...Particularly "Death of a Hired Man, or "After Apple Picking."

...They could help your mood.

...I never liked football, but this year, between concussions and Kapernik, you have to be positively retrograde to watch it.

....The Jewish holidays are usually early or late, but this year, they're right on time.

....Just when I need a day away from my desk. And my computer.

....You don't have to be Jewish to devote 24 hours a year to thinking about your sins.

...Personally, my biggest sin is working too much.

...My skin crawls every time I see David Koch's name on the Met fountains or at Lincoln Center.

...If Roger Maris deserves an asterisk beside his name, Koch deserves a dagger.

...This morning as I crossed Central Park West, I thought of the days when you used to see the cobblestones through the worn out asphalt.

...It was a poorer New York in the 70s, but in many ways, I miss it.

....Particularly since David Koch's name wasn't on half the buildings, and Donald Trump's on the other half.

....And you could get a fatty corned beef sandwich steaming warm on soft rye with real caraway seeds.

...I can't drive by Citi Field without calling it Shea Stadium, and I can't drove by Flushing Meadow Park without thinking of the Valley of Ashes in "Gatsby."

...Fitzgerald's description of the Valley: "This is a valley of ashes—a fantastic farm where ashes grow like wheat into ridges and hills and grotesque gardens..."

...I have a big social media footprint for a misanthrope.

...That said, I'm here if you want to talk about it.


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