Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The "Quote-o-Matic."

With Ad Aged's "Quote-O-Matic," you can be instantly interesting and quotable in the advertising trade-press. Be ready for any question incisive reporters throw your way about virtually anything. Never be at a loss for words again.

Try these: 
  • This was a team effort.
  • A great creative idea can come from anywhere.
  • This one was a labor of love.
  • We captured the essential truth of the moment in a unique way.
  • The challenge was to show _________ in a whole new light.
  • We connected with our audience in a new and unexpected way.
  • This is all about storytelling.
  • We brought storytelling to a new dimension.
  • It made us a little uncomfortable, but that’s the whole point.
  • We’re taking the brand to the next level.
  • It’s next-generation marketing.
  • We’re starting a conversation.
  • This campaign will force people to lean in.
  • It’s not just a TV advert. We’re starting a movement.
  • Millennials aren’t connecting with brands like boomers.
  • Boomers don’t connect with brands like millennials.
  • It’s all about mobile.
  • It’s all about digital.
  • It’s all about second-screens.
  • We know people have an emotional connection to _________.
  • We get thousands of messages a day, we had to make sure ours cut through.
  • It’s a tongue-in-cheek approach against brands taking themselves too seriously.
  • We used a distinctive film-making style.
  • We let the product speak for itself.
  • Families today are busy.
  • People want a brand that can laugh at itself.
  • Our customers aren’t just viewers; they’re engaged with our brand.
  • This isn’t just about _______—we’re inspired by the world around us.
  • We’re helping people navigate the breakfast process.
  • We’re harnessing the power of word-of-mouth.
  • We couldn’t have done this spot a year ago.
  • It took bravery on the part of the client to run this spot.
  • I’m humbled by the attention this spot has received.
  • The holidays are a time of family and togetherness.
  • There’s no more important message right now.
  • The film shows how __________ can enrich our lives.
  • We’re giving voice to people without a voice. 


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