Monday, September 24, 2018

"I'm humbled to be joining...."

I’m humbled to be joining ______________ as their new ________. ____________ has always been a collective that pushes the boundaries, not just of advertising and communication, but product design and culture and the culture of product design. Working here represents an opportunity to have a material effect on the world—to solve some of our society’s problems and in so doing to make the world a better place, or at least in the top-ten, world-wise.

 ___________ works in a truly collaborative and synergistic manner. They understand that a great idea can come from anywhere and empower their teams with an integrated start-up mentality that keeps front of mind the idea of work-life balance emphasizing work and life in as two faces of a diverse coin. We are always looking for new ways to disrupt the market and iteratively reinvent the very idea of reinvention itself.

__________Agency spokesperson said, “ __________ is a rare talent, a double-horned unicorn who has a true talent for extending ideas from culture through every fiber of the agency and back—amplified—into culture again. At _____ we call that the Culture Inculcation Connection Connection™. It allows us to synergize the mood of millennials and the street and skater-culture and bring a revelancy to our marketing that goes well-beyond the bounds of limits to embrace a boundless set of limitations.”

"After working for 6 long months for some of the most storied agencies in New York, San Francisco, Boston, LA, Atlanta, Minneapolis and Chicago, as well as stints overseas in Amsterdam, Singapore and Sao Paolo, it was time to shake things up. The advertising industry is being challenged to rethink how client-agency partnerships and devise ways to optimize their optimization. I was impressed how the entire team at _________ are dedicated to building an Agency built for building an Agency built for the future.

"We’re combining VR, AR, AI, Blockchain, and a unique data-centric understanding of the consumer with our strong relationship with Iconic brands with a diverse team of white, Brooklyn-based, 30-something males to create meaningful work that pushes the culture forward and creates digital conversations that can't be skipped.

"I am humbled to join a team of world-class talent at a world-class agency in our world-class world, said ____________."

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