Monday, June 18, 2007

Breakfast cereal for President in 2008.

One of the many vicissitudes of working for a living is that you must often work for who pays you. You get little choice in the matter. That being said, because one of the candidates (through a proxy, of course) has asked my opinion, I found myself early this morning comparing the websites of both Republican and Democratic candidates for President in 2008.

I have never seen such a sea of insipid sameness.
There is no innovation.
No point of view.
No difference in color palate.
No unique selling proposition.

To me that says there is no difference in the candidates. They're all a bunch of smiling, pandering manikins. (Or, thanks to Hillary, womanikins.)

Fortunately though, this isn't a blog on politics. It is a blog on the advertising industry and its incipient obsolescence. Yes, obsolescence. Because agencies are making the products they advertise and thus themselves commodities.

Gee whiz, when VW became great it wasn't a me-too. Nor was Avis. Or Nike. Or today, even Skittles. They each had an attitude, a passion, a point of difference.

I know, I know. All this stuff is focus-grouped and tested and "vetted." (I hate the word vet like I hate the word robust.) So we wind up with this:
1. Flag.
2. Smile.
3. Shirt sleeves.
4. Blondes and dark children.
6. A hand-held microphone.
7. Dumb words like "A strong future for tomorrow." Or "have faith in families."

You get the idea. Just like a breakfast cereal.
1. Freckled kid.
2. Over-cranked falling strawberries.
3. Milk pour.
4. Gulp and grin.
5. Part of this complete breakfast.

That's why in 2008, I'm voting for corn flakes.