Monday, June 4, 2007

When will you grow up?

Allow me to switch my agency focus from traditional to non-traditional. And to all those non-traditional joints I ask, simply, when will you grow up?

In other words, when will you wake up and smell the driver's seat you're sitting in?

Here's the rub. Historically, traditional agencies have been brand thought leaders. Digital agencies have been channel executors. But today, non-traditional channels are emergent. That ain't going away. Yet you non-traditional guys are still waiting for direction from the dinosaurs.

You're still asking for a seat at the table when, in fact, you ought to be at the head of the table.

OK, I understand. You're growing like mad singing the same old executional tune. But to lead clients and transform brands--you have to do more. You have to create platform ideas. You have to compete not against other digital shops but with the BBDOs of the world for the real gravy--greater share of client wallet.

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