Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Are these ads signs of the times?

In addition to the barrage of red, white and blue emblazoned bank ads (I suppose the subliminal color message is it's patriotic to put money in banks that could fail) in The New York Times today proclaiming security, great rates and more!!! there are two ads for soup.

Yes, for soup.

One full-page ad for Campbell's. And a 1/2 page ad for Progresso.

I like soup. Always have. By far it's my favorite liquid food. But it is a cheap meal, a meal that does well during depressions and recessions.

What's next, bean recipes?


Unknown said...

I make a mean gnocchi. My secret? Potatoes and tomatoes. Food from the "great" war.

Kleinroq said...

Saltines & ketchup. Always a crowd pleaser.

Laura said...

Seems like we all need a lot of homemade chicken soup these days and in the days to come.