Monday, November 23, 2009

A couple more things that drive me crazy.

I've written before about some of this but like most things I say, it bears repeating. (Not because what I say is important, but because no one listens.)

One is the phrase "Meteroic Rise" as in so-and-so enjoyed a meteoric rise in state politics. Well, the simple fact is this: METEORS DON'T RISE, THEY FALL. Plain, simply and indisputably. There is no such thing as a meteoric rise,

Second is the phrase "bi-polar." What is something that is polar if not "bi." There is a North Pole and a South Pole. Two poles. There are never more than two poles. So, if one's personality wavers between two poles, why are they considered "bi-polar," not merely "polar"?

The final one (for today) is Republicans who call, for whatever reason, the Democratic Party the Democrat Party. That's just asinine.


David said...

1. Meteors can "rise" in the sky if they move from the horizon line to overhead. You're pickin' nits here.

2. Polar doesn't mean switching between poles, else "polar opposites" wouldn't make any sense. So, really, you're pickin' nits here, too. Your blog, though, so ... pick away.

3. Yeah. This one's dead on.

george tannenbaum said...

No.David. Meteors fall. They do not rise. They may appear to but they in fact, fall. Period.

Tore Claesson said...

A meteor is the visible streak of light that occurs when a meteoroid enters the Earth's atmosphere. They do indeed fall in other words.

Unknown said...

"ATM machine" and "PIN number" come to mind for me.