Monday, December 20, 2010

25 things I will not miss.

1. People who use Facebook to thank entire countries or politicians for behaving a certain way. "Thanks North Korea for not escalating."
2. Anything 2.0
3. Jury duty.
4. Engagement.
5. Advertising models.
6. Headhunters who don't return calls.
7. Agencies that don't return calls.
8. People who ask if they can borrow your brain.
9. People who show up late.
10. Clients who don't say 'thank you.'
11. Cheap hotel rooms.
12. People in finance who tell you you have 2 days to expense 2 months of receipts.
13. Timesheets.
14. Timesheet police.
15. People whose job it is to know what you're working on who constantly ask you what you're working on.
16. Agencies that want to be hot as opposed to good.
17. Best practices.
18. "Liking."
19. People who can't show you what they've produced.
20. Brainstorming.
21. Collaborating.
22. More than three rounds of changes.
23. Meetings between 12-2 in which no lunch is provided.
24. All agency emails.
25. In flight announcements telling you how to fasten a seat-belt.


rebrivved said...

I'd like to add:
26) Top 3 lists
27) ROI

Anonymous said...

As a very disappointed 29 year old copywriter, i'll proudly and loudly stand behind each and every one of those.

Probably says more about my career choice than the state of things, but still..

Laura said...

28) Emails from the Chief Risk Officer.
29) Questions about anyone's billable hours.
30) Account people who just don't think client direction through.