Tuesday, December 21, 2010

TV is dead, cont'd.

I ran across this graph in Advertising Age yesterday which proves irrevocably that television advertising is dead. Look how dead it is. It's growing even faster than internet advertising and is 250% its size.

Then I ran across this data from an article in "The New York Times," in an article called "The Myth of Fast-Forwarding Past the Ads." http://www.nytimes.com/2010/12/21/business/media/21adco.html?ref=media
1. Only 38% of US households have a DVR.
2. According to Neilsen, "In homes that have DVRs and among 18- to 49-year-olds, ratings for the commercials for prime-time shows rise by 44 percent when playback within three days is counted."


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't trust Nielsen as far as I could spit. Its not the content George, its the delivery system. And the nature of the advertising model that monetizes it.The old media will be surpassed by the new media. DIgital will kill newspapers, cut deeply if not kill printed books on paper and videp content likely (already streaming) to the device of your choice (minus commercials a ad types know them). To think otherwise is to be whistling in the dark. I can't give you an "expire by date" but if you believe otherwise, I humbly submit you are wrong.

Anonymous said...

sorry for all the typos. all thumbs this am.

bob hoffman said...

1. First, people named Anonymous are always wrong.

2. Nonetheless, Nielsen data is often unreliable.

3. The most important stat about DVR usage is this: In a 3-year study of actual behavior (not self-reported behavior) by Duke University, people with DVRs watched recorded material only 5% of the time. 95% of the time they watched live programming.

4. If 40% of the population has a DVR, and they watch recorded material 5% of the time, then 2% of all viewing is DVR playback. Hardly cause for hysteria.

Anonymous said...

Dream on mr Hoffman. Do you have kids or know many people under 35. Many os us don't watch tv content on the boob tube but online or from you tube or other sources. I guess you think it's cool to be an "ad contrarian". To our generation you're just irrelevant. I'll take direction from a guy like George, but you're a bore and many of my peers just laugh at you. Rage on . No one cares.

Anon 2

george tannenbaum said...

Oy. With the nasty vituperations. My point was simpler. It was about the over-blown proclamations about "the death of ---," or the "that will change everythings" that are rarely if ever based on anything within spitting distance of a fact.

The facts show that TV is actually on the rise. I know everyone claims they don't watch TV. I know Nielsen are often a bunch of manipulative ninnies.

However, TV--in its traditional form--remains a vital medium. If you need to reach 50 million people, there's no better way.

Anonymous said...

I think certain personalities antagonize many. Hoffman is on of those. He's not exactly Jeff goodby who would never pontificate like he does. No wonder he turns off the kids. Better to stick to the facts and pov.


Headed home for the holidays but presently waiting in an overcrowded airport lounge

Anonymous said...

I never watch TV. I'm to busy at work writing Commercials.