Tuesday, March 20, 2012

But it's a really nice logo.

I am in Dallas.

Shit happens.

For focus groups.

See, shit really happens.

IPG has lowered our per diem to less than that of a Guantanamo inmate, so of course we are staying at a cheap ass hotel.

You know the type.

Pubic hair in the bathtub.

Not yours.

A business hotel run by people who probably never traveled for business.

The carpet is sticky.

The decor is depressing.

Did I mention pubic hair in the tub?

But they have a really nice logo.


anne said...

every time i leave a comment, it shows up as "ann" or "anon". can't figure out blogger's system. anyway. you are hilarious and charming. maybe the pillows will be ok. maybe the ceiling won't be sprayed concrete. maybe the soap will be larger than a pink eraser. maybe there's good coffee nearby. maybe next time, the powers that be can do the focus groups as remote teleconferences, instead of wasting good people and downtime in dark, stuffy rooms and economy class. when did creative people become the rodney dangerfields of advertising?
until you get back home, good luck and good travels.

geo said...

Thanks, Anne Anon. Made it home in one piece. With most of my faculties in tact.

Todd said...

Good one. There was a study I came across years ago that proved that employees who are placed in nicer hotels and bigger airplane seats perform significantly better. I can think of ten reasons why that would be true. Why can't the accountants think of even one?