Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Simply communicate simply.

When I was young in the business I adopted a simple process. When I was given a brief--yes, we were given briefs in those days and they didn't take a month to write--I would take that brief and work at it for hours.

After those hours I was able to distill the brief down to one short, clauseless sentence. Not a 37 word sentence. A short, honest sentence. My partner and I then had something workable to work from. The only thing left to do that point was to take that single sentence and find a way to be creative with it.

This seems to me to be the way to communicate nearly anything. And has been the way to do so since we wrote on clay tablets or before.

1) Take in information. 2) Figure out what's important. 3) Say it in an interesting and memorable way.

1) I can talk to you about things I've never spoken to anyone about. 2) You are the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. 3) I love you.

If you can't say it simply, don't say it at all.


Everyman* (There's always a Disclaimer) said...

Ya lost me.

Simply communicate simply.

How will Madison Ave. become Detroit?

I don't see the obvious connection.

george tannenbaum said...

Well, one way Madison Avenue becomes Detroit is that we lose the simplicity of language and the ability to communicate. Like when Detroit stops selling cars and starts selling lifestyles.