Wednesday, February 5, 2014

An Empire of Illusion.

The world of advertising has turned into an Empire of Illusion, where nothing makes sense.
  • People who create work get paid less than people who pontificate about the work.
  • People who create work are out-numbered by people who monitor the work, measure the work and monkey around with the work.
  • Work that doesn't run wins more awards than work that does.
  • Showing product benefits or prices is beneath us.
  • We spend more time meeting than creating.
  • It takes more work/hours to create a social media campaign than a television campaign.
  • Our only contact with upper-management usually is prompted by missing timesheets.
  • Agencies stop getting paid when they produce actual work. They continue to get paid while creating decks.
  • Most agencies have gone open-plan, though it's been shown to decrease productivity.
  • We spend more time on decks than on creative.
  • We spend more time in meetings than on creative.
  • Type breaks, leading and kerning no longer matter. Our "design" is responsive.

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