Monday, April 25, 2016

Hating ads.

Just last week or the week before came the news that starting the 2017 season, the National Basketball Association will start putting corporate logos on players' uniforms.

This in addition to the Nike swoosh that adorns virtually everything everywhere.

So, I suppose the banks that almost brought down the global economic system will have their marques festooned on the Knick's uniforms, the team that almost brought down the very idea of team-work, intelligent play and athleticism.

I also saw, in the wake of Prince's death, this ad, for Chevrolet.

Kindly leave your logos off my sports teams and rock stars. It makes me hate you, not like you. If you want to get all up in my "grill" about it, how about putting logos on babies while they're in the hospital.

What no one wants to say, or even think about, is that it's all gone too far. And by "it," I mean the money-grubbing.

Whereas commercial time per hour used to set at a federally regulated nine minutes an hour, today we see about 16 minutes per hour. Over the course of ten hours, we see twice as many commercials  as we would have seen in the 1960s.

So, either our time is worth less (so we have to give more of it) or the networks have grown more greedy.

I'll say it again.

I don't think people innately hate ads. Especially ones that convey useful information. I do think they hate the barrage, the noise, the stupidity and the onslaught.

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