Thursday, April 28, 2016

My awards entry. 100% factual and true.

Since this august blog began in June (see what I did there) nine years ago, it has slowly and steadily built a considerable and influential readership. To that end, three years ago, "Business Insider," named Ad Aged one of the world's most important advertising blogs. But that, dear readers, was only the beginning.

After all, awards season is upon us. And I want to be ready in case I need to enter Ad Aged into this or that show.

You remember little Freddy Perkins, do you not?

Poor little Freddy Perkins.

He had a limp.

A withered left arm.

And a virulent virus was ravaging his tiny body.

Little Freddy's prospects were downright Dickensian.

Then, he was introduced to Ad Aged.

Soon, for the first time in months, little Freddy was able to sit upright in bed. He began eating solid food. Wait! Look! Little Freddy is w w w w w walking.

What's that I hear? A ball bouncing in the backyard? 


Is that little Freddy skipping down the primrose lane, holding the hand of little Mary Jo!

He's well again.

Thank God!

Praise the Lord.

It happened when he started reading Ad Aged.

And that's not all.

Not only did his body heal, his mind expanded!

His IQ leapt from a prosaically suburban 110, to a positively Fortean 175! Little Freddy was making abstruse calculations on the back of every napkin he could lay his hands on.

That hot new app?

Little Freddy built it.

It's all happened.

Since he started reading Ad Aged.

This is just one Ad Aged story. Just one example of the salutary effects of Ad Aged--the world's greatest blog.

So hither in from the beach and vote vote vote for Ad Aged. Call it the greatest the greatest invention of man since the Salk vaccine.

The writing puts Shakespeare back with the shipping news.

The comedy.

The wit.

Aeschuylus. Euripides. Homer. Ad Aged.

Thank you.

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