Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Angry. Very angry.

I've read that rats will eat the corpses of fellow rats. The difference therefore between rats and agency people is that rats wait until you're dead.

Perhaps I have a heightened moral sense.

I've been told, for instance, by my therapist of 17 years that I have "an Old Testament view of the world." I see things in terms of absolute good--the way things should be and absolute evil, the way things shouldn't be.

Perhaps my "high dudgeon" is my fatal flaw. Perhaps it's why I am no longer a big wig but am planted instead with both feet firmly rooted in middle management.

It's just I hate schmucks.

Back biters.






And ass-kissery of all kinds.

People ask me, often, 'how can you be so honest on this blog. Aren't you afraid of being schmised?'

Yeah, I suppose I am.

But aren't you afraid of being castrated, ball-less, spineless, feckless, cowardly?

Listen, if you come up with a campaign, it's your campaign.

If people more connected decide they want to take it from you, that's their prerogative.

But they should at least have the decency to fire you.

After all, they don't like the job you're doing.


Anonymous said...

We live and work in a community of cowardice, me too ism, ideas of the moment, @sskissing of the powers to be (your Global CCO one of those). and you're aboslutely correct: fear.

God made a farmer is just damn good advertising as opposed to the Jeep spot which was cheap exploitation, over written and ultimately pointless for both for the Armed Services and the brand -- I doubt many even registered the USO tag which seemed bolted on clumsily.

It takes courage for brands and agencies to do great work in the world of 2013: easier to hide behind technology. digital speak and office politics.

george tannenbaum said...

Agreed. But please leave my CCO out of it. I happen to respect the man.

Anonymous said...

The downturn in the economy has brought out the worst, the most spineless, and the most despicable behavior the agency business has ever known. Imagine Don Draper as a tatooed Williamsburg tool hiding behind a giant GIF and crapping his pants.