Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Some recent work.

Not long ago my partner and I got a call to help out on a crash and burn pitch.

This didn't come a particularly good time since we were already enmeshed in the web of post-production.

But my partner and I are generous sorts.

We run towards problems--to solve them--not away from them.

In any event, we came through.

We came up with the idea that won the business.

And just a couple of weeks later, we found ourselves on the left coast shooting six spots.

There's nothing magical about the commercials we shot.

We took an ancient form--a side-by-side comparison and constructed it in a contemporary way.

A way that would feel modern.

And more importantly would get past the lawyers.

They aren't high concept.

But from what we hear they're working for our beleaguered client.

(I say beleaguered because their stock is down from $83 six years ago to about $20 today.)

I think they'll drive some sales.

They'll make people behave differently.

While they're changing some perceptions.

They'll make people think differently.


Rich Siegel said...

Nicely done George. I love that it was done with a VO. They both have a convincing quality about them.

stevendolbinski said...

very nice. i've been seeing these and thought they were a smart solution for jc penney.

Tore Claesson said...

well, put it this way, they are classic JC Penney. And that is what JC Penney is, or JCP as they now are called.
It probably doesn't have to be more creative than this.
The problem seems to be that JCP got a bit lost. Maybe got a bit less relevant? And the store experience is a bit ambivalnet as far as I've read. That's never good for sales. Anyway. Good honest old fashioned work looking somewhat modern may help a bit.

jeff said...

Look at that! A real point of difference. And just when I'm in the market for a new pair of jeans. This wouldn't happen to be micro-targeting, would it?

Anonymous said...

Seconded re: Voiceovers, Dick. When the country has a 99% literacy rate, why pander to the 1% who, in all honesty, won't be in your target market?

bob hoffman said...

What a pleasure to see good advertising. Nicely done.

george tannenbaum said...

Thanks, Bob. That means a lot to me coming from you.