Thursday, September 18, 2014

Worry. A pep talk.

We live in a fear-based world.

Something is always hanging over us.

If you're employed, you worry about losing your job, of pissing off a boss or a client, of making some sort of cataclysmic error that will send your world spinning off its axis.

If you're high up in the food chain, you worry about making your numbers, about having the holding company ride up your keister.

If you're freelancing, you worry about the well drying up and never working again.

If you're faced with the crush of a big assignment, you worry about coming through. You worry about losing your ability to create. You worry about selling something to your boss or your client. If you carry the day, you worry about producing the work, and how it will come out. You worry if it sucks, you worry if your friends will blast you or the anonymous anarchists on Agency Spy.

We have become consumed by worry.

Melting ice.
Deteriorating eyesight.

We're so busy worrying that we've forgotten how to laugh.

We've made everyday a crucible of pain and tension and worry.

We're more busy worrying than working.

Worry is our pathology. Our Scarlet "W."


You know what, lighten up.


If you've worked hard and done your work and used your brain and your skill and some elbow grease, if you've tried, and thought and listened, take a pill.

You've done your homework. Stop worrying and take the day's test.

Worry is the culmination of believing you suck and the world is against you.


The world doesn't care enough about you to actually be against you.

You have to care for yourself.

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