Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Football and advertising.

I am not a fan of professional football. 

Never really have been.

It's too big, too violent, too corrupt.

Ray Rice and his ilk seem to me to be more the rule than the exception.

The league, and its fans, seem to condone, even encourage really criminal behavior both on and off the field.

The other thing is the game itself as it's played in the television age.

It's 20% action, 80% talking about action.

Each play is followed by tele-strations, analysis by expert ex-players and pundits pontificating.

I can't really understand the game's televised appeal.

Then it hit me.

The game is our life. In advertising. In whatever.

A short burst of actually doing something.

Followed by long discussions of what we've done or what we didn't do.

A football game on TV takes about four hours.

Actual action lasts about 11 minutes according to Fox. 

Let's round that up to 12 minutes for math's sake.

1/5 of an hour in four hours.

So doing something that matters 1/20th of the time. 5%.

That seems about right.

In our so called eight-hour-day, 24 minutes of real work.

Almost 7 1/2 hours discussing, pontificating, doing over. 

No wonder we watch football.

We're bored.

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