Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Looking back.

Twenty-nine years ago today, exactly today, was my first day in my first ad agency job.

I had been working for a few years in the in-house advertising department at Bloomingdale's, but this was my first real job.

I was as intimidated as hell.

It was in a grown-up skyscraper in midtown.

Everyone seemed brighter than me. More confident. More accomplished.

I was painfully shy and almost paralyzed.

To make matters worse, I was given an office diagonally across from the corner office of the ECD, the guy who hired me.

There was no place to hide. My biggest fear was that the ECD would find out that I can't type and would fire me. 

I was a fraud. I would be found out.

Somehow I survived those first few weeks.

Then I started getting my sea legs.

I started learning how to be less intimidated, more confident.

And I started producing a lot of work. Much of it considered good.

It's twenty-nine years later now. I've have 11 full-time jobs some of them quite senior. 

The business is a completely different business than the one I joined 29-years ago.

And there's a lot I don't like.

And I spend a lot of time thinking about what else I could do.

But for now, it's what I have.

Thanks for reading.

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