Friday, December 19, 2014

The end, almost, of a long week.

As the year winds down, it seems to get busier.

I've been jamming on sundry assignments which all seem to be peaking at about the same time. All at a time when I'd like to be home, watching a movie, sitting with my pup, Whiskey, in front of a fire.

Good thing I'm not doing that.

I don't have a fireplace.

This year has not been a smooth year.

I'm not sure any years are.

I got fired at the end of the first quarter and felt stripped, old and eviscerated.

I suppose after some dark days, weeks or hours, I rallied and realized I had done my homework. That my reputation, portfolio and network would serve me well.

And they have.

So have friends who have encouraged me.

Who sent me little missives of hope, or leads.

So now as the sand runs out of the clock of 2014, I'm busier than ever.

I don't know what 2015 will bring.

It's a crazy business.

And a crazier world.

I do know.

I'll work right through it.

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