Monday, April 27, 2015

An unfortunate observation.

As long as I've been in the business, the hours before a creative presentation have always been chaotic. I suppose the feeling is a bit like the pit before a Formula One auto race. There's always a bolt to be tightened, a fluid to top off, or a gizmo to be doo-hickied.

What I've noticed during these stressful situations is that there are two kinds of people. 1) There are people who run toward the fire. These are show-er-uppers, people who shut out all the other crap they have to do and get the deck that needs to be done by 11 done. 2) There are the disappearers, people who are, suddenly, nowhere to be found. They leave scripts un-writ. They leave art files unaccounted for. They questions unanswered and ambiguities unclarified.

This dichotomy is, I suppose, a fact of life. When your dog poops, or your child vomits, or your d-shaped sink is full of dirty dishes, some people show up missing.

No real point.

Just an unfortunate observation.

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