Thursday, October 1, 2015

Yer out!

Yesterday was a shitty day.

A really shitty day.

A shitty day that's followed about eight weeks of shitty days.

A bunch of us are in the throes of launching a fairly gigantic amount of new work.

The deadlines are as tight as a fat man's belt.

Approvals like getting water from a stone.


In any event, I was feeling downright   l   u   g   u   b   r   i   o   u   s.

And as I was walking to the men's room, past the ping-pong table, an errant ball bounced quickly and wildly by me.

All at once I was 17 again and back in the Mexican League.

I deftly back-handed the speeding ball, without breaking my stride. Out of my peripheral vision I saw one of the ping-pongers coming toward me to fetch the ball.  I flipped it to in a perfect gentle parabola.

We made the perfect double-pay.

It was 40 years ago.

When things were so much simpler.

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