Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Five minutes with our CDO.

Ad Aged: You're a CDO. I assume with the ever-growing importance of data, that stands for Chief Data Officer.

CDO: Chief Data Officer, how quaint, passe and antiquated. No, that's not what CDO stands for. My job is much more integral than a Chief Data Officer.

Ad Aged: So, clarify...CDO stands for.

CDO: Chief Disappearance Officer.

Ad Aged: So what is it that you do?

CDO: I show up for meetings. I call meetings. I preside at meetings. My name is on emails for meetings.

Ad Aged: And?

CDO: And the minute accountability is required, or work gets meted out, I disappear.

Ad Aged: So, you do the hard work of not doing hard work? You work hard at not working hard?



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