Friday, February 11, 2022

Do something daily.

One of the disciplines the modern world demands is: action.

Talk is cheap.

"I will" is cheaper.

And cheapest is all is theory.

Theory is usually expressed in the worst form ever: meetings. Or pompostifications. (pomposity + pontification.)

The modern world means doing something.



Or, even, this minute.

To me, the best thing about writing a blog comes when you write it every day. You don't get it right, every day. Some days, you miss like a Knick's shooting guard with the game on the line. You miss wide.

People comment. 

They might point out a dumbness. They might castigate you. They call you a fuck up. That comes with the territory.

But guess what? Tomorrow, something different is out there. 

Of course, you can't do ass-eating shit like Pabst Blue Ribbon

But, you have to try every day. 

Be respectful every day.

Be good more often than not.

You can't expect to be perfect every day. No one is. 

But you shouldn't, either, be so hamstrung by an impossible notion of everyday perfection that, instead, you do things only on rare occasions.

It is better, as they say, to have loved and lost. It is better to have written and fucked up than to have never written at all. It's better to show up with good and plenty than castles in the sky.

I see a lot of people young and old in the business who perseverate over things that very few people outside of Cannes care about. 

That slows them down.

Before they know it, whatever window of opportunity was momentarily opened has slammed shut. 

Probably on your fingers.

Maybe not to open again for a long while.

Writing every day, and showing your work every day, gives you a chance to have a better hit rate. Your odds are better.

This makes sense for me.

When you work every day, you also improve your speed and your accuracy. You can show people what you're thinking rather than talk about what you're thinking. You get better because you're challenging yourself more. And practicing more.

Practice begets improvement. Creativity is a muscle that grows with exercise.

Just like a sprinter will get faster starts if she or he practices her starts. Like this, above.

To my mind, getting assignments, getting wins, getting accounts is like this sometimes. So I work at it. It gets me business and, believe it or not, friends.

Even though I suck sometimes.

As Scarlett O'Hara said, "tomorrow is another day."

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