Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It's joke time!!!!!!!!!!

The George W. Bush Library is being designed by the eminent architectural firm of Robert A. M. Stern.

The George W. Bush Library. The Adolph Hitler Fun Park. The Britney Spears Bhurka Shop.

OK. Revenue is vital. But nevertheless, there are times when you have to turn down an account; when the assignment, or the people are so odious and malignant that the moral and morale cost outweigh the revenue gained.

Collette Dickinson Pearce, the great English Agency of the '60s, limited its size to ten clients and fired the worst each year and only then would take on a new one. In the movie "Big Night," Tony Shaloub wouldn't serve a guest risotto with a side of pasta because it is just wrong. Obvious, I know. But sometimes we have to have something called scruples.



Unknown said...

Stern? either he;s jewish or he's not stern at all>

Unknown said...

actually, thinking about it, it might be a very small library. In which case only very small people will be able to access it. In which case Stern might be making big minds a favor. Who knows? Reckon most of it will be be big words in very, very small print only legible to people that are very, very near- sighted, and small.
For example, the coffins sent back to the US from the wars must be very, very small, as we never quite manage to see them. I wonder how they manage to send very, very big people out and then shrink them on their return? Maybe my mind is too small to grasp that. Or my head too big to see even see the big things in life?

Unknown said...

When should employees be morally compelled to mutiny? Probably only when they think they have to power to get the change they want. I look at the situation over at Fox. Here, on one side of the house, you have incredibly powerful creatives like Groening and Brooks and all the phenomenally well-compensated cast. And on the other side of the house, you've got this terrifying hate- speech smear machine. Wouldn't you think the Simpsons folks might at least say something? Even jokingly?

george tannenbaum said...


some people love mammon above themselves. I guess the groening et al fall into that camp.

Years ago a friend of mine was offered $300K to work on Pampers. I said to him, I wouldn't do it, you have to look at yourself in the mirror. And he replied, $300K can buy you a lot of mirrors.

To my mind, you're either a sell-out or Atticus Finch.