Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Quid pro quo.

I'm not writing any more if you people out there don't comment.

According to the latest Nielsen BTMaU Study (Blog Tracking Metrics and Usage Study) Ad Aged has over 3,000 readers daily with and average household income of $250,000+. I have remained assiduously non-commercial in this space, rebuffing advertisers like P&G, Microsoft and the Dennis Kucinich campaign who wish to reach my particular and highly-prized group of readers. Dozens of self-proclaimed Futurists and techno-visionaries love this site and call it a "must-read." Rupert Murdoch has opened his--er--purse to me. Media moguls have beckoned. Yet, like Addison and Steele, I remain a quiet and independent voice, a light in the darkening swirl. Please, let me know you are out there. This means you. Thank youse.

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