Thursday, August 30, 2007

What's more...

Pursuant to my previous post that was pursuant to my previous-er post--this low-bid jag I'm on is all about answering the question in the subtitle of Ad Aged, to wit and forsooth, "Will Madison Avenue become Detroit?" Well, current course and speed, my answer is a resounding "yes."

If as an industry we don't believe in the efficacy of our industry, it's effectiveness, if we fall prey to impecunious louts who treat advertising like Heinz treats tomatoes ("Bring in another truckload at twenty-nine cents a pound) we are doomed to un-planned obsolescence. We are costly, disposable, out-sourceable, low-bid-able.

Low-bid advertising is offensive, irrelevant, invisible and expensive because it is meaningless. Good advertising, based on intrusion and measurement works. Therefore it is worth paying for.


Moda di Magno said...

I'm going to put impecunious lout on a t-shirt and sell it! Your wordsmithing is simply divine!

geo said...

that one was for

Sarah said...

My name is Daddy-doo,
I like to go poo-poo.
My favorite food is Moo Shu