Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A newspaper re-run.

The top three stories in today's NYTimes:

1. Bush defends Iraq policy.
2. 14 U.S. soldiers die in copter crash in Iraq.
3. Hurricane weaker but still a threat.

I have a feeling these three articles could have run any day in the past four years. Oh, and just so we stay on the topic of advertising:

4. Airwaves inundated with banal messages portraying people as they are gushing over mediocre products they couldn't possible care about. Sunny D! Sun-tastic!

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dawife said...

Two more topics that always seem to be there for us :A politician turning out to be corrupt (shock) or some pseudo-political issues. Or one about health insurance/coverage lapses hurting America's children (which of course is a pseudo-political issue.