Sunday, January 30, 2011

Boxes and their contents.

This is pretty simple. And it applies to jobs, relationships and more. In advertising and outside of advertising.

Bad jobs, bad relationships have a box and they look for someone who fits in that box and then they cram them in that box. Good jobs, good relationships look for someone with a lot of qualities they like, and they let them breathe, the box be damned.

Here's a for-instance. Say you have a job that demands that the person who does that job can count from one to five. You have two candidates. One who can count from one to five and another candidate--same price, same everything--who can count from one to one-thousand.

Bad businesses will hire the "right" person for the job. And that person will likely do the job with competence, but little more. Good businesses will hire the person who can do more and they will allow that person to do it. The person himself will grow as will the organization that hires that person.

Boxes are almost always bad things. They can only carry so much and don't allow for expansion. That said, most organizations have org charts. Which are filled with boxes.

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Bob hoffman said...

Boxes aren't so bad when they have cake in them. Just sayin...