Monday, January 31, 2011

This is complicated, so stay with me.

Like most people, at times I dread Mondays. There's a long week of work ahead of us, and not much of a way out of it. So here's what I propose.

Start the week with Thursday. The next day is Friday, and that ain't so bad. From Thursday, make the second day of the week Wednesday. Yeah, I know we're going backwards, but Wednesday is hump day, and at least we're halfway to the weekend. Then from Wednesday, go to Monday. I know, that sucks, but you'll get through it, besides in my system, the day after Monday is Friday. Yee ha! The weekend is almost here. Except that after Friday comes Tuesday. Which sucks, but after Tuesday comes the weekend which makes it all palatable.

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Bob Hoffman said...

Or we could leave the days where they are and change their names. But that would just get us back to...never mind.