Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A bit more explanation.

I've been feeling a little out of sorts of late.

I'm not sure if it's something physical or something to do with my serotonin levels. But I've been misplacing things, feeling generally drab and when speaking I've had a harder time than usual finding the right word. I've even been feeling a bit dizzy.

Naturally when you get up in years, your first worry when these things happen is that you are coming down with early-onset Alzheimer's.

Along the way, you also begin to notice a few other ailments. You're a bit more winded running up the steps from the train (heart condition), that it takes a few moments longer than it used to to pee (prostrate cancer), and you're too tired at night to watch the NBA finals (inoperable tumor).

In short, you reckon, you're doomed.

Even this blog, which I assiduously write nearly every morning has fallen victim to my woes. The ideas I'm usually brimming with just aren't coming. And the ideas I get paid to have, well those seem lethargic as well.

Of course, I still have my mortgage to pay, my kids to support, my meetings to make and my work to create.

That shit never has an off day.

So STFU, George.

And get back to work.


Rich Siegel said...

You took the time to sign up as a follower on my blog, it can't be all bad.

In fact you've joined the ranks of Kold_Kadavr Flatline Subdude (I believe he is follower #73.) If you need a laugh or a reason to feel better about your life check out of his schizophrenic blogs.

Anonymous said...

You're getting older Geo. Past 50 and mortality beckons thru decline. You aren't the man you thought you were. Time is more precious now. Make sure you have a will, power of attorney and health proxy in place. You think it won't/can't happen? Wrong. You're too smart not to realize this. And in the ad biz, digital or analog, age is not a virtue mon ami.

Pierre L.