Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The joy of work.

Work, so many months upon months, days upon days, hours on top of hours sucks. We have to deal with trivialities. Politics. Fractious personalities. Bullshit. Stupidity. And on top of stupidity, arrogant stupidity.

That's just the way it is. There is no place where "it's better."

That, in fact, is the way so many things are.

But there's another side to work, too.

Right now I'm in production on one project and post production on another. Along the way I have been privileged to deal with the best of the best. People who aren't just good at their jobs, they're like Leonard Bernstein. Masterful in every aspect.

But mastery is only one part of being great.

The other part is loving what you do. Bringing a crazy clear-eyed enthusiasm and energy to the work.

The final part is the toughest to come by.

It's the experience and knowledge of knowing the right ways of doing things and sticking to your guns.

That's what great people do.

They know their craft.
They love what they do.
They do what's right.

Hang around people who follow those precepts and you might just fine some joy in what you do.

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