Sunday, December 2, 2018

Open secrets.

I read somewhere sometime that Umberto Eco had a personal library of 30,000 books. If he had been, amazingly, able to read one book a day, it would have taken him over 82 years to get through his collection.
Of course, nothing but IBM Watson can absorb with that rapidity.

But nonetheless, if you’re a creative person, no matter what vector of creativity you pursue, it’s often helpful to your creativity if you surround yourself with stimuli. That’s why it’s nice to have books, hear music, see art, movies or even chat with cab drivers.

You get ideas.

I find I need ideas all the time.

It’s what I do.

So, in the spirit of the giving season, I thought I’d share some of the places I learn from.

For a strong, viscous dose of intelligence and wit about the state of our business and the pernicious surveillance state we seem to be sprinting into, I read the Ad Contrarian. You can find his intermittent blog here and his not-to-miss weekly email here:

Rich Siegel at Round Seventeen carries the torch for the resurrection of the diminishing importance of creativity and humanity. In an era where people have convinced themselves that ideas are a commodity like soap suds, Rich is a champion of creativity. And he’s funny as fuck.

Dave Trott is a masterclass in marketing brilliance. He writes prodigiously, two blogs Dave Trott one and Dave Trott two His YouTube videos are worth more than you’ll learn from any ad school. 
Dave Dye’s “Stuff from the Loft,” blog is too good to miss. Dave does long studies of the lives and careers of advertising greats. Dave Dye

John O’Driscoll and Alfredo Marcantonio, together and separately, have produced important books that no one who cares about work, craft and creativity should miss.  Volkswagen book. Economist book. 

    As a copywriter, a trade I am occasionally allowed to indulge in, my personal Bible, or better, Torah:

Because presentation matters, Kerry Feuerman’s book on the matter: Presenting 

You'll learn from Gary Goldsmith’s slim volume of great importance: Work Wise

And a little dessert. Some of my favorite spots. Not an exhaustive compilation. Not in any order. Just some things I like.


      And just because it's nearly the holidays,
a double-dessert.

Thanks for your time. 


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