Monday, August 27, 2007

This makes me a little ill.

I know that the new trend in agency naming is to call your joint "Molten Newt" or "Cesium 138." But GSD&M's new name sets a new sort of standard, if you ask me. GSD&M was originally named for its founders whose last names started with G, S, D and M. OK. But to encourage the "new generation" of leadership, GSD&M has changed its name to "GSD&M Idea City." Kind of like Circuit City I guess, only with ideas. And everyday low prices.

They're even looking for a "Chief Idea Officer," and their CEO will now become their Vice Chairman, "overseeing innovation." Oy Vey.

Of late I have seen more Chief titles than I can shake an Excel spreadsheet at. As Alben Barkley (Truman's veep) said, "The vice presidency isn't worth a bucket of warm spit." I feel much the same way about Chief Digital Officers, Chief Innovation Officers, Chief People Officers, Chief Pixel Officers, ad nauseam. What, exactly, do you do here all day?

And what's it like in Idea City? Do they have a football team (the Inklings)? How are housing prices? Can I find a nice pied a terre if I just want to visit on weekends? Idea City. Yeesh.

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Unknown said...

The real top job however will be announced next week. Mayor of Ideas. It's not going to be a democratically elected Mayor however.
His or Hers first task will be to gather a meeting on where the stop lights are to be placed. t.